Cucumber salad: Bhutanse style

Cucumber salad: (Bhutanese style)

It’s been a while since I have posted any recipes. Hope you enjoy this one. Today’s recipe that I am sharing with you is a cucumber salad with feta cheese. It is also great with Mexican cotija cheese. This dish is very common in Bhutan and we usually pair it with rice and curry with cucumber salad on the side. Basically you can pair with anything you like. I think it will be great on a burrito too.



I just wrote a paragraph for this recipe because it is very simple. You can also follow just by looking through the pictures.

Peel and Slice the cucumber (shown on the picture 1) and try not to cut the seed. Cut the seeds out (shown on picture 2) and toss it in the bin or eat it if you like it. The reason why we cut the seeds out is because it helps to keep your salad less soggy. In turn it tastes better :). Chop the onion into small pieces. Do the same thing with tomatoes, chillies, and cilantro. Add feta cheese and Mix everything together. Add some paprika and salt to taste.  I Hope it is easy enough description. Enjoy your Bhutanese style cucumber salad!


Walla! Its ready to eat. Happy Friday!!!!

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