Easy diy glitter nail polish

I meant to do this a while ago (when I did my other diy glitter nail polish). Sorry took forever to do it. I tend to juggle too many balls at the same time and find it hard to finish.cheap and easy way to do diy nail polish. Less messy compared to my other glitter diy 🙂
I didn’t realize that I was using similar colors.
You will need glitters (i got mine from Michaels)
cheap clear nail polish (accept my was but that’s okai, I will be mixing different colors of glitter)
piece of paper (i used printing paper) and a tape to make a funnel

Make the cone wider on the top so it’s easy for you to pour your glitter. I used three colors, light blue, darker blue and brown. (you can use as many 🙂 that’s the fun part)

After adding in your glitters, shake it well…

And Voila!! your own glitter nail polish.

more brown.

more blue

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