Emerald bay and Heavenly mountains, Lake Tahoe!!!

I loved it, absolutely beautiful. It reminds me of back home whenever I see mountains. We don’t have big lakes like that and we would have to hike up there in the mountains but the view is equally amazing.

Hubby had a four-day weekend so I wanted to go somewhere different this time than just go to beach. Plus I have started enjoying snowboarding now. Even though, it was miserable on my first day because my then boy friend (now hubby) made a mistake of taking me on the blue route down the whole mountain in CO. ARG! Anyways, I am better now and I actually have started enjoying. 

We went to Heavenly Mountains. A couple told us that even though the Heavenly Mountains wasn’t the best mountain to ski down, it had the best view. The Blue terrain down the hill was little bit challenging for me but it did have a gorgeous view. I think that you should try once because the view is worth it :). The same couple also told us about Emerald Bay so we had a couple of hours with us to visit before we headed back home. 

At a near by par

Ready to hit the slopes
It got little foggy in the afternoon but wasn’t for long. But it snowed so it was great. The view was just awesome so I wanted to stop for little bit and stare at the view.

This was the amazing part. I actually didn’t go to this side of the mountain but my hubby did and I think this is Amazing. Nature is Amazing!! 🙂 When you look down the mountain, on your left side, there’s all this snow and beautiful lake below, while on the right side, theres a desert which is part of Nevada.

End of the run, we went to an Indian Restaurant to get some Yummy treats! Chai, veg. samosa, Chicken Tikka Masala and pulao rice.

 Emerald bay, Lake Tahoe

HOpe you enjoyed goingthrough my pictures.. I certainly did enjoy taking them, sharing them with you. 😀

Have a Great day!!! 

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