Happy Losar!!!

HAPPY LOSAR EVERYONE!!! I meant to do this earlier but was very busy today. How was your day! How did you spend it? 🙂

well, I had a deers appointment for ID renewal at 11am and after that I started cooking. I know, I was by myself, with hubby at work but I always try to do something or at least make some Bhutanese meal or two for Bhutanese New Year. Hopefully, one of the years we can have lunch together for Bhutanese New Years. We had invited a friend for dinner and had promised to make momo (dumplings) so I did that. I started cooking at 1130am. Made some potato soup, pork and beaf. Rested for couple of hrs after lunch. Started making momos and finished before six. I think I am done cooking for the week. 🙂 Talked to my brother in Australia for few minutes and our guest arrived, had some momo and here I am. I wanted to upload some pictures from few years back wearing my kira (because I don’t have any kira’s with me to take new pictures of 😦 . Anyways, shitty thing happened, my old external hard drive (with all my pictures) is broken. I am gonna try to fix it tomorrow. I am kind of tired now.ANyhow, I just wanted to wish you Happy Losar (Pronounced as Low Saar)!!! Have a Great Year ahead and May All your dreams and wishes come true.

Beautiful Snake drawn by a Friend. (Sonam Chophel)

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