Target Mini Makeup haul

e.l.f liquid lipstick in Pink Lemonade, e.l.f Eye brow kit, Pearl Plum Revlon lip gloss and L’oreal lipstick in Violet Chiffon. Love the colors.

Mostly, I have used only nude lip stick or lip gloss sometimes, maybe once in a blue moon. And I have used Carmex for the longest time, I still use it. But since I tried this lipstick and the lip gloss on, I think I am going to use more often 🙂

What I love about this Loreal lip stick is that it is very moisturizing, and it is not dry at all. Feels like the lip butter from Revlon (Love that too for it’s own sheerness in color). Loreal lipstick has super pigmented color which I love. Plus, It’s only $7.99.

My personal reason is also that when the lip stick wears out after drinking coffee or whatever, I love the color it leaves.

Lip gloss from Revlon is great especially when its combined with the Loreal lip stick. The colors just go well together.

 By buddy Rosy and I on the New Years. We are wearing Violet Chiffon from L’oreal and Pearl Plum lip gloss from Revlon.
Luscious Liquid Lipstick from e.l.f in Pink Lemonade is a super cute color. Wish they had in more colors.
Pros: only costs $1.00, very cute color, looks natural.

And my new favorite drugstore eye brow kit. e.l.f. It was totally out the first time I went to Target. well, then It must be good, right? yeah, I love it too. 🙂

Product: They have four shades in Light, Medium, Dark and Ash. The one I use is Medium. It has two shades in a palette, light
brown and dark brown. Light brown seems almost like a pressed powder and
the dark brown is like a cream but towards drier side so it stays well. I use the dark brown one and I love it. The color is perfect and
looks very natural.

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