Diy your own unique glitter nail color

Hi there, I just thought about this glitter nail diy idea and I wanted to do it right away because this was something I could do it right away. I have this black and brown glitter from my other projects. I used those glitters and my Wet n Wild megalast nail color. What I love about this Megalast nail color is that it has flat brush and it’s very easy and fast to put it on. Of course, they have beautiful colors to choose from. Anyways, here is how I made my own glitter nail polish. It is great because you can use any color for your base coat and you can choose your glitter color.
1. Mix black and brown/gold glitter in a small bowl. OR IF you want only one glitter color, dip your finger after step 2.

2. Apply your choice of nail polish color for your base.
3. Dip your fingers into the glitter mixture softly while your nail polish is still wet. Put some more with your other hand. Gently press on the glitter nails with your finger. OR (If you want just one color glitter, you can dip your fingers into the glitter tube one at a time, I know this is messy but you can have your own unique color of glitter nail polish)

When you are done, wait for it to dry and top coat with clear nail polish. After it dries, clean the mess (with q tip and nail polish remover) or clean it right away if you are impatient like me. πŸ™‚

Here’s how it looks without flash in the light.

And without flash, in natural light. I love the background nail color that pops out. It’s a very pretty.

Happy DIY!! πŸ™‚ Have a great day!!!

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