diy Bhutanese textile/tribal print bracelet.

Hi there,
How’s it going people? Hope ur day is awesome. If not, I hope it gets better!!:D Remember the tribal print diy boots, I made few days ago? well, check it out. 🙂
Anyhow, I made a bracelet out of the left over print I had from my diy tribal boots.
Yep, that’s how much I love the Bhutanese textile. It is valuable because it’s hand woven and each pattern is hand picked. In this video, she is weaving a kira, our Bhutanese National dress for Women. The print is so beautiful!!!

Made with leftover textile fabric from my diy boots,
8mm pyramid studs,
modpodge: slather around the bracelet to hold the textile thread from coming out.
magnetic bracelet clasp.

🙂 hope you like it! Happy DIY! Have a great day!
Examples of Bhutanese Textile:

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