diy color block pants!

I want to lose weight but I love food. hahaa.. I know this sounds pathetic and sounds far from what my topic says.  But that’s where my idea came from (color block pants). I have gained more than 15lbs since I moved here and I have too many skinny jeans which I cannot wear but I don’t want to throw them away, plus I am trying to lose weight. I was thinking about what I could do to my old pants to fit me while trying to sleep at night (where most of my creative thoughts are thought during my sleeping time). Light bulb! I can just cut out my old pants and add to another and make a color block pants.Of course, I googled the next morning and yeah, found color block pants already out there. I think i will make more in those colors. They are pretty.

1. Rip it apart

3. cut the legs of your old pants into a you want your color block to be.

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