DIY tribal print boots or Bhutanese print boots

Diy Tribal Print boots or Bhutanese print boots.
My inspiration:

Okai, its already winter but I still gotta share this fall diy tribal
print boots. Started out with a little bit of a disaster but all turned out well so i am happy with my end result. I think its adorable and would wear it any day of the year. This diy is easy but it is messy.

Things you will need:
Tribal print fabric
hot glue gun (for thicker fabric) or
mod podge (for regular/thin fabric)
exacto knife
The reason why I gave two types of glue options above is that I used
mod podge at first(which would have worked perfectly, if my fabric was
thinner) but did not work on this fabric. I didn’t want to throw my
beautiful Bhutanese woven fabric so i used it again with the hot glue
gun this time and worked great.

1. Trace the pattern with a dark pencil.
2. Cut it out and make sure its close to the  size you want
3. You might not have to make four cut outs like mine. I did that because the sizes were little different.
4. Put your pattern upside down to cut the fabric.

What do you think? share me your thoughts or anything you have made. would love to see it. 🙂
Happy DIY.  Take Care.. kisses.


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