Christmas Wreath out of yarn balls

I am sure, you have seen a bunch of tutorials for these wreaths by now.
Ever since I saw those Starbucks Christmas wreath hanging on their doors
during Christmas season. I wanted to make one because it was made out
of yarn and looked so awesome.
So with some google research, I made my version of Starbucks wreath.
These are some of my recent favorites. Can’t wait to make them.

My inspiration: for this project

The colors are so pretty. kinda crazy that she used corks too 🙂
I actually started this last year but I ran
out of yarn and Styrofoam balls. As you know, we have to drive an hour
and half to buy my supplies. On top of that, we weren’t home during
Christmas holidays, we went to see our family.  So I actually thought
about finishing up for this year.

styrofoam balls,
glue gun,
plastic ornaments

How to make a circle out of a cardboard with a string and a pencil.

Get your desired length of string and tie the ends together. Hold one end with a pencil or pen and hold it firmly (even make a hole with it to stay in place). Insert a pencil in the other end of the string and draw a circle around.

I drew few times to get my desired size and I cut it with an exacto knife.

I used this glue only in the beginning. For the rest of my balls, I just used the glue gun.

There we go. Hope you like it. Happy DIY. Happy holidays!

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