Anniversary weekend.

3rd Wedding Anniversary weekend ….
It was awesome, AJ had a four day weekend so we went to San
Diego on Friday for our anniversary weekend.
We stayed at the Navy base suite on a private military beach. (Aj
is a big beach person, he loves the beach. He was born and raised in
Midwestbut he loves… the beach. I tell him, that he was born in
the wrong place)
That evening, we went for dinner at Bombay exotic cuisine of
India. We both had chicken tikka masala. One of our favorite Indian
I wanted to go all out and wear a 5” heel for the evening so I
did and luckily there is a parking lot right across the street from
the restaurant which was a relief. But we still walked couple blocks
after our big dinner.
Saturday was a great victory day for us. We both are fans of UFC
and the Great GSP. Started our day with our free breakfast at the
hotel and we went to the beach, took some pictures, and relaxed for
couple hours. And we went to the mall for couple hours and went to
Hooters for their wings and to watch GSP. Man, it was busy as usual
because of the fight and the football. So we ended up getting a drink
at the bar and stood up and watched the whole fight, which was worth
standing up for. Because GSP WON!!!! woooo hooooo … wow, it was
scary on the third round. We are so glad he WON!
Finally got a table after the fight. We were very hungry..I
believe it was past 10pm. The hot wings were really good though.
Happy about that too because, we love their wings and went to every
state we stopped by and had bad experience few times, so at least San
Diego hooters are still good. 🙂
Sunday was our real day of Anniversary. We went to get some
Starbucks around 10am and were planning to go to Jiggle Jiggle
(Korean place) in the afternoon for lunch. Well.. we came back after
getting us some drinks. Our car battery was dead (because
nothing was left on) and wouldn’t start. So, we called some auto
repair shops near us and they were closed (Sunday). Apparently
Coronado Island works that way.
Luckily we called USAA and they came and jump started our car
instead of towing, which was a better deal. We took it to the nearest
Auto Zone and switched the battery. That took few hours from our day
so we just went to a thrift shop for less than an hour, got me some
5lb weights 🙂 and went to the mall and came home.
It was a great weekend.
Some pictures of my outfit from Friday and Saturday..:)

I am obsessed with clouds!!!! They are so beautiful!!!!!!

This little bird was running back and forth avoiding the waves.. he was really fast.
ready to nap anytime. 😉
 Instagram photos: follow me:) Karmak

  1. hello chung,,,its really nice.i had gone through this before also…anyways, you all had a nice time…dont take anything very seriously,,,,take it as it is…and don’t take it seriously namo…love you and take care


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