Easy diy Zipup Hoodie/sweatshirt

Hi everyone,,, šŸ˜€

Hows it going? I am excited to share you this diy. This was done by my big sister back in Nebraska. Unfortunately we are so far apart to do any diys together. We hardly met when i used to live in NE because both of us were super busy and now I am not busy but we aren’t together.Ā  šŸ˜¦ Anyhow, I have diy steps for you guys!! I asked her to send me pictures :).

Buy zipper from: Hancock /Joann

From this:

To this:

Steps: Turn your sweatshirt inside out and pin the zipper. Make sure the zipper is closed and pin it (she hand stitched it lightly ‘coz’ she didn’t have a pin šŸ™‚ )Ā  on one side while the other side is getting stitched.
After both sides are sewn, turn your sweatshirt on the right side and cut where the zipper opens. you see… this is probably the easiest DIY šŸ˜€

And Walla!!! Easy.. šŸ™‚ Enjoy DIY and HAve a swell day.


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