DIY Ankle boots

Hi everyone…!! Hows ur Tuesday going?
Things you need for this.
8mm pyramid studs (size is optional, you can make it bigger). I used about 60 on my 61/2 size shoes.
Mod podge glue and black glitter for heels if it is old. Mine was šŸ™‚
About 2″ of thin wire (only if your zipper stopper breaks)

1. Cut your desired length. Mine was perfect where I cut it because of the belt, it looked perfect. Don’t forget to leave extra space to fold it. You can always cut it more after you put the studs in.

2. Take out the zipper stopper from the cut half of your boot and place it on your ankle length where you want your zipper to stop. (If it BReaks…. NO PROBLEM.. use a string of wire like the picture below. One of them broke on mine :))

3. You can cut half an inch of the liner so it is thin enough when you fold it to pierce through. If it’s still little thick, Do step 2-4.

And after 60 pins!!!!:)) Super Easy….everyone can do it.

And fixed my heels with some Mod Podge glue and black glitter.

Questions?? comment/email me.. :))
Happy DIY!!

  1. Love it!!! :-)Thanks for the comment on my blog, I want to follow you but I can't see where I can do that? I followe you on FB now.XxX


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