Bed Head hair stick review

Ah… What can I say about this product. I love it.
The problem with my HAIR is that I have baby hair on my forehead. So sometimes, when I feel like doing my hair certain way or even to just have a clean pony tail I have to deal with a lot of frizzy hair on my forehead.

How did I find out about this product?
My husband had something similar to this product, that was given by his hair stylist long time ago. I used it a lot but I actually threw it few months ago because my husband told me that, hes had that hair stick for few years… eew.. You don’t wanna use that.
I tried few products, regular hair gel, Murray’s pomade and Garnier hair wax.
First thing, Gel really doesn’t work for me. Murray’s pomade was okai but didn’t like the smell so much. Garnier hair wax, actually my sister gave it to me and i used it couple of times and I lost it. I have looked everywhere but I have no idea where I put it. Darn it! I liked Garnier hair wax but not so much about the smell because it stayed for hours.
Over all, I love Bed Head hair stick. You can even call it a hair glue because it looks like a glue stick and works like one :). And I just love the packaging! I was eying on the product even before knowing that it was a hair stick, it looked cool. I love how it looks and works as great as it looks 🙂 Its in a twist off tin can. Great for traveling too.. a plus++ It has a really clean smell.

I bought mine from a local PX here but you can get it online too. (ps. I haven’t seen it on target or walmart. They have other bed head hair products but haven’t seen this one)

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