Dabur Vatica Egg Protein Hair Mask for Damaged & Split hair

Since we moved to Fort Irwin, CA. Its been difficult to find Indian groceries around here. But we went to one in LA. Generally,  I like Indian products maybe because, I grew up using Indian products. They feel more natural to me. When I saw this product at the Indian store, I had to get it. Btw, not all Indian Groceries have this hair mask so call before you go. I got it for only $5.99 and its a big jar. I saw it on ebay (dabur vatika egg protein hair mask) too but they ship it only from UK so its little costly.
Three years ago, I permed my hair and when I was finally growing back my natural hair, I bleached it five times and went blonde. hahaha..  yeah! And I bleached it myself! After what I had done to my hair. I needed some hair nourishment.

This is the consistency of the hair mask. I love this product. It smells very nice. I wash my hair with shampoo first and dry my hair with a towel so the water is not dripping while I have this hair mask for twenty minutes on my head. After a rinse, my hair feels very silky. Even the left over ends of my bleached hair feels smooth. I have used other deep conditioners but I like this the best. Based on over all, smell, natural, consistency feel and it’s affordable.

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