Indian skirt

Hi there.. hows it going? 🙂
Last year when I visited Bhutan after eight years. I also went to Calcutta, now Kolkata, to see my late grandpa. It was my first time in Kolkata. I had little bit of a culture shock there. People are not necessary friendly there. Anyways.. My lovely apa(dad) had been there since May last year so he knew every place to shop. I had my first experience Tram ride in Kolkata.  One of the days, we took the bus ride, another day, taxi ride and walked around a lot too. Woah!!! the driving is wreckless there. Apa wanted to give me the real experience in Kolkata. :))) It was so much fun. Thank you apa for taking me around Kolkata in the scorching heat.
I bought this skirt from one of the Markets, for cheap with the help of my daddy’s excellent bargain skills. 😛 Which was a challenge too. :))

We still have a lot of Sun in CA 😀

Thanks for stopping by!!! Have a lovely day!!! Muah!!!!

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