DIY your own special wedding center pieces..!!!

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If you want to plan an affordable wedding and diy your own center pieces for your special event.. read along :))

My wedding reception was in December 2010. And in Nebraska so imagine the weather there. (The weather in Nebraska is very unpredictable and extreme). We did a court marriage in 2009, and our reception in Dec 2010.
I decided to do my wedding reception in very short period of time. I mean very short. About three months to prepare for everything (DIY invitation cards, center pieces, bouquet for my brides maids, boutonnieres(didn’t even know what it was until I had to make one), and tulle skirts for five little girls). Luckily, I had very helpful friends and in-laws. Couldn’t have done it without them. Thank you!
The entire time my hubby was in Korea for a remote tour from Military. He had left for Korea right after we married in court so I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to do a reception.
At least I am glad, I did it and pulled it through.
Ok, about my diy center pieces. My color was grey and blue because I think they are beautiful together and the wedding was in the Winter. :))

 I got the twigs from my in laws back yard.
My mother in-law let me use her back yard to do the spray painting also.
Step 1. sorry 😦 I don’t have pictures but I used silver spray paint.
Lay out an old newspaper or some plastic sheets and lay all the twigs on the sheet and spray it away. Let it dry for a couple of days or not, depending on the weather.
I got these vases for $1 each from a Dollar General. I had 12 tables to fill with center pieces. The Main big vase for the bride and groom’s table was borrowed from my dear sister.
Step 2.  Invite some helpful friends to help you put your center pieces together. We stuck rolled up bulbs made out of blue napkins onto the twigs to make it look like flower buds.  This is how the bare silver twigs looked like.
 Shes making the bulbs.:))
She is gluing the bulbs onto the twigs.
I think they are enjoying.. 😀
And my adorable niece helping me with the wedding favor tags. aww… how sweet…
My sister is making some good old Dumplings for everyone. Don’t forget to treat your friends with some good food. 😉 they deserve it.
Almost done. Now for the flowers.
Got these from the Michaels.
Lastly, me and my sister stuck these flowers on the twigs. Thanks everyone for making it possible. 🙂 snif!! snif!! hahaha..
Hope you enjoyed going through. Thanks for stopping by!! Have a wonderful gathering of whatever sort.  This is just an idea so you can use different color spray paints or different colored flowers. Make your own! 😀 Happy DIY…


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