SKIN79 BB cream sample package

And I am also including M Signature real complete B.B cream SPF 25 and Lioele Triple the Solution BB cream SPF 30 for review.
I actually have a review about Missha Perfect cover B.B cream No.23 SPF 42 on my precious post. My favorite so far.

It is the same order as the picture above.

After about 10 minutes.
I use them directly on my skin.
1.The one on your left, M Perfect cover BB cream, totally blends in with my skin and others look a little fair for me. It has medium to full coverage and one coat totally works for me. And it has 42 SPF which is a ++++ It really works.
2. M Signature Real complete BB cream SPF 25 is little light for me and but it has a lighter feel to it too. Its consistency is little runny compared to M Perfect cover BB cream.

3. SKIN79 Super Beblesh Balm BB Triple Functions (Hot Pink). One of my favorites. It has similar functions, Whitning, UV and wrinkle free. It has a little thinner consistency compared to M Perfect as well.

4. SKIN79 Diamond collection. The Prestige(Light Pink)SPF 25. This one is light but still blends in well with my medium beige skin tone.

5. SKIN79 Super BB cream (vip gold collection). It feels very light on my skin. It has a very light coverage but still covers a little bit of the redness which still looks natural.

6.  SKIN79 Diamond collection. Pearl Luminous beblesh balm. Its consistency is runny and very shiny. Has ton of shimmers. It wouldn’t use it all over my face because it would look super greasy. Sometimes I use it around my cheecks or even brow bone as the high lightener. Works great!

7. Liole Triple the solution BB cream. I like this one. I love the smell. It has a feel of the regular foundation because of the thickness and blends in well with my skin and has a medium-full coverage. SPF and wrinkle free is always a plus++ for me. I hate putting layers of cream.  This is my second favorite.


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