Perfect cover BB cream by Missha

Hello everyone :D!! Hows it going?? Excited to do my first review. I am going to review Missha BB cream and Liole Pop pinky Tint (cute name, isn’t it?).  I purchased them from I think they have the cutest products. And..I  found out about this site from one of my favorite youtube Gurus fromheadtotoe.
About my skin:
I know, there have been a lot of BB reviews lately but, I still wanted to do mine just coz’ everyone has different skin  types that react differently. I have a combination and a very sensitive skin and I sweat on my nose and I get sweat mustache.. I get huge bumpy pimple on my face which is very unattractive. There.! When I was in college, for some reason I use to get it on tip of my nose every time, which was the most embarrassing and annoying feeling. I didn’t even see my boyfriend, now husband, for a week because I had a bumpy pimple on the tip of my nose, I felt like a witch; lol. I know its funny now but wasn’t funny then. Arg!  I even tried pro-active and it swelled up my face. HA HA! And then, I saw a commercial about skinID from Neutrogena, which evaluates your skin and is supposed to match whatever type of skin you have. Don’t get me wrong, I love Neutrogena products. I use a lot of their products but this skinID did not work for me. It did the same thing like Pro-active did.
Anyways, I love bb cream. I don’t use other foundation products very often, only when i party or something, but other foundations would cause me to break out shortly after use. That’s why BB cream is awesome and works great for me. I wish they had more tints available.

The one below is a NO. 23 from Missha and so far I am loving it. It is a tiny bit lighter for my skin but It still works if I don’t layer it too much. I usually put it on only once. I use it almost everyday because it feels very light on my skin.

Sorry, I meant to do this review a long time ago. I have been slacking. Now my BB cream is almost out but that is a good thing because I have been using it a lot! 🙂

This is how they arrived. I was so excited… yay! Even those packing peanuts are in pretty pink color.

oh yeah, I also ordered a couple of velcro hair clips with my BB Cream..and the 3rd one came for free.  A free Lioele BB cream sample (you get to choose which bb cream sample you want to try) came with it also. I have to post a review on that too. 🙂
With nothing on and as you can see my pores and redness around my nose and chin.

I know its lame.. but felt like posing this way when i saw myself in the mirror… lol I have a birth mark on my forehead, I dont know if this is a birth mark but my mom told me that I always had a reddish forehead from the birth. It gets redder when I am in the sun or when i get mad.. hahaha

There.. u can see it clearer but this is after my first coat of Missha M Perfect BB cream. I usually leave it like that, coz’ its enough coverage.

After: second coat. I think Missha has medium to full coverage. It covers the area pretty well.

I have Missha M Perfect cover BB cream on my face and Lioele Pop pinky tint on my cheeks and lips.

Thank you for visiting ..
Muah!! Karma

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