Diy bangles

Hope you guys like this one 🙂 coz I do. I went to Hobby Lobby to get an easel last week and I saw this styrofoam ring while I was browsing the store. When I saw this, this is exactly what I thought about doing so I purchased it and tried it. Well.. it somewhat worked. I am saying somewhat, because its very fragile and messy. I actually broke one when I tried it on 😦 but I am careful on this one.
Anyhow, I thought about another idea that will work perfectly. Cardboard!! cut it your size and double it before you wrap around with the yarn, so you won’t break it. You can make as many colors as you want. Hooray!! But then I am sure you can find a stronger styrofoam out-there so you don’t have to go through cutting cardboards. 
And the second one I bought this wooden bangle from Target for sale (less than $2). I really liked the color and the interesting shape but as usual it was big for me because.. I have a tiny tiny wrist and almost everything is big for me and looks ugly and makes my wrist look even smaller. So I hardly get anything that fits. I still bought it because I had this in mind and worked out pretty good. 
I used glue on this one because of the shape of the bangle.

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