Home made Mango Boba tea

Home made Mango Boba tea. 
Warning: chocking hazard. Be careful when you sip boba through a straw. It’s a rare case but still be careful 🙂 Esp. with kids. 
I got the dried boba from Asian store. You should be able to get it in any Asian store, if you are not sure, call before you go. You don’t know how excited I was when I saw this at the Asian store. Never saw this before or maybe never noticed. Anyways, I am glad I bought and tried it. I loved it and my husband says its better than store bought. 🙂 
You need:
black tea
mango pulp
1. Boil a cup of water with black tea and sugar (Sugar is optional if you don’t want it sweetened). Set it aside or chill in the fridge after you get this color. 
2. Boil boba for five minutes (literally. Isn’t that awesome?) Package has to say Five minutes boba. If not, you might have to boil longer. 
3.Take it out after it is soft and done. 
4.Pour boba in a glass and pour your tea. See how dark it is? I made it very sweet and dark because you will be adding ice later.
5. Add mango pulp. (Got the mango pulp in a can from Indian Grocery. You should be able to get it from other stores as well)
6. Stir and add some more mango pulp or tea which ever you prefer. Add some ice and sip it.. YUM. isn’t it. It’s very simple. 

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