Bhutanese style Daikon(white radish)

Bhutanese style Daikon(white radish) Benefits
I made this along with steak and bok choy. This would be a good combination esp. with dry curry because this is soupy. 🙂 Or you can just make this as a soup and have it with something else. 

Things you need:
Daikon (white radish)
ginger and garlic
chili pepper
vegetable oil
cream cheese, american cheese, feta cheese. or something that blends well with the soup. for eg. mozzarella would be too stringy to blend.
1. cut out radish like this.

2.Water level depends on how soupy you want. Mine was right about the same length with the vegetable. Add everything at the same time, doesn’t matter because Daikon cooks pretty fast. Add chili pepper, salt, tiny bit of turmeric (you really dont have to, I just add it every time because its antiseptic) and about half teaspoon of vegetable oil/olive oil.
3.cover for few minutes. watch because it might boil over if its little more water 🙂
4.After it’s almost cooked or cooked all the way. Add cream cheese/feta cheese and cover it on lowest heat. If the Daikon is cooked turn it off and cover and wait for 5 minutes. Stir and serve. 

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