Bhutan after 8 years This is their website but pictures of the resort is on this website.
It used to be called “Thrishing Yiwong Villa.” The place shown here is the EverestBhutan resort.
And here are some of my pictures I took when I visited Bhutan last summer. 🙂
These pictures are on the way to the resort.

This is the Restaurant.

This is the front of the restaurant. This apple tree is never picked from, so that the fruit is available for the tourists to pick and eat.

This is inside the restaurant at the bar.
My sister and nephew near a traditional wood burning stove in the restaurant.
This is one of guest houses. My sister and nephew are giving me a tour 🙂 
This is the beautiful view from the guest rooms.
Here is another view from the guest rooms.

This is the view from behind the guest housing.
These chickens provide fresh eggs for the guests 😉 (Everything is organic in Bhutan)

One of the friendly dogs that roam around the resort. The apple sitting on the dogs head is a tissue culture apple.

Me and my nephew infront of the tissue culture apple tree. They are huge apples.


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