Lightly stir fried Bok choy

Bok Coy nutrition Of course it has a lot of nutritions. Its green!! Who doesn’t wanna eat bok choy which has a lot of health benefits, right? if its cooked right,,,, yeah for most of us. It has to taste good to be able to eat.

Here is one of the ways to make it taste good and believe me, even my husband eats it (for someone who only ate corn and green beans because he says corn is a vegetable :). 
Ingredients: gralic, onions, red pepper(if u like) or lemon pepper, salt, olive oil, and bok choy)
2 people: 4 baby bok choy because it shrinks, can use big ones also.

Lightly stir fried bok choy.

1. wash and chop boy choy like this:

2.chop garlic(3-4 cloves) and onion (half, more or less depends on how much flavor you want.
3. Put about half or one table spoon of olive oil on a hot pan (just enough, so the garlic won’t stick on the pan). fry garlic until brown and add onions

4. After onion is brown add chopped Bok Choy, add some salt, add some red pepper(or lemon pepper) and Stir.
5. cover for couple of minutes. 
Take it out of the pan and serve when it looks like this. It should still have its bright green color.

  1. this will definitely go well with my new diet plan!! thanks Bhutan Girl (Karma)- also – i would love to see some authentic Bhutanese Spicy Chicken Curry (i doubt that's what you call it – but you know what i mean) recipes – if you could – some videos would be awesome as well…


  2. sounds good..i love bok choy. you can stir fry in some soy and butter. its so good. we are doing "no meat Tuesday" you should too. one of the days when there's not much going on. Its tempting to have meat though. need to start eating healthy.


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