Crochet Christmas tree wrap around

Crochet Christmas tree wrap around
I researched a little bit online before going out to buy our christmas tree. A friend went with me. we went to couple places before we went to home depot. when i saw this tree(7.5’tall).. i was so excited.. yay!! doesn’t look plasticy.. it looked almost real. (I do want to have a real tree one day when we have our own house). We got to enjoy the tree for about four days I think, before we went to NE to visit out family and be there for Christmas and new years!
Anyways.. we bought the tree and brought it home. After trying hard for ourselves (me and my girlfriend) to fit the box into the car and failing miserably, we asked their help and even they had to take the tree out of the box and fit it in.   In the end, it worked out beautifully.
At home: my husband putting the tree up beautifully. I started crocheting the 
wrap around. 
first line: crochet a chain about  5-7 yards (i know its long but worth it 🙂 depending on how tall your tree is. ours is 7.5′ tall. How to crochet slip knot. 
second line: with this stitch. If you are a beginner at crochet. This site shows a very detailed of how to crochet. 
and the third line: crochet like this the whole line how to make a bump and you are done. 😀
Final product. I like how it looks very personal and lite wrap around.. not too much going on. of course there will be ornaments to fill it up, so i think this wrap is just enough. 
I just wanted to post this because this is so cute(from my mother in law. One of my favorite ornaments. 


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