DIY Glitter sandals

DIY glitter sandals
I got these from target for 12.00 something $s. It wasn’t the best fit because the strap was little loose so i cut the back strap and superglue it to fit me(picture below). Apart from that, it was super comfortable and cheap. I can walk in these for hours i had to get it. I thought i could glam it up a little bit. 
This is where i had to cut and superglue to fit me. I did it on the inner side of the sandals so its not visible. I had already done this on the above picture but you can hardly see it.:)
what I used for the glitter: mode podge(glossy), brown glitter(that was the closest i found to match my soles, sponge brush and for the finer details i used a small paint brush, and masking tape.:)
I mixed the glue and glitter together: this is what it looks like. 
This is what it looks like when wet. use paint brush instead of the sponge brush for the finer details. 
Let it dry for little bit and re-tough where it needs.

Leave it for 8-12 hrs. But, I let it fully dry for 24 hrs. Its up to you. If it still needs some touch up, you still can.
DIY dress for my 4 year old niece:2009

Sorry, I don’t have detailed pictures for this diy. But its super easy to make.
The dress straps are made out of black ribbon and the flower is pre-made also. You can get it from Michaels, hobby lobby or Walmart or any crafts store. It was little difficult to make it out of satin. I could have made it with jersey satin which I love but i did not have a Serger at that time. Thats why, this product is a mixture of machine and hand sewn. this dress was for my niece for my sister’s one of her friends wedding.


DIY Above knee skirt for St. Patricks Day
and top from thrift. 


I made this for St.Patrick’s day. I am sorry again, i don’t have a detailed pictures of this one either. For this one, its all hand sewn. This one is super easy. 

This is the drawing of how it was made. Hope this helps. 🙂


1.If this is your fabric depending on how many yards (depending on how puffy you want your skirt to be). 
2. Fold both ends together so you get a nice puff at the end of your skirt and close the end by stitching the first line. 
3. stitch 3 or 4 lines after the first one. make sure you leave a half inch or an inch hole(depends on how wide ur rubber band is) to insert your rubber band. 
4. Insert your rubber band and stitch the ends together and close up your skirt. And there you go. you are done. 


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