Bhutan, the heaven
Visiting my home country after 8 years(visited in August end. 2011) felt awesome and almost surreal. 
The reason why I stated as “the heaven” is that when I was checking in at LA airport, the staff wasn’t aware of Bhutan. There was a stranger next to me and he knew about it. He said that he heard of it as, the heaven. It was pretty awesome to hear that.
Drukair breakfast
Very good breakfast. A lot of choices. Well, you will see it in the picture below. looks delicious, doesn’t it? I am not a fan of airplane food but this was good. I am flying Drukair after 8 plus years so def. Improved or maybe I have gotten used to airplane food and varieties of food. And of course, because of it, I have put on a few lbs. I weighed only 95lb for a 5’1″ girl in 2003. I don’t remember eating their food..when I traveled to the US. In general, you gain weight when you get to the US. So many choices of food and mainly the portion is so big. I am a self-made victim of that. Hoping that I Might lose some lbs/kgs when I am in Bhutan 🙂

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